Without help, it can be difficult to navigate the complexities of the credit optimization process. 

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How it works

Your credit profile should represent who you are as a buyer. All too often, there are inaccuracies and mistakes that can be devastating, leading to being denied a loan, credit card and even employment among other things. LCCC is a consultancy dedicated to optimizing your credit by helping you understand your credit profile and what you can do to establish, restore optimize and maintain credit.

Our impact

“I know I’ve said it many times before, but THANK YOU for all of your hard work on my behalf.


When I met you, I couldn’t finance a snickers bar and couldn’t find anyone to help guide me through this process. I was as desperate as it gets.


Within 3 months you changed my life, forever.


Since we’ve met, I’ve gone from the inability to finance anything, to a business owner, driving the truck of my dreams, in possession of an American Express gold card and now just got qualified to buy my dream home…..


Non of that would’ve been possible with YOU. I can not tell you the gratitude I have for you and I hope you know that you really do change people’s life’s!!!! Not many people can really say that with such the impact that you have.


I am truly blessed to have been given your number and am beyond grateful. Thank you so much🙏”